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Initial Build Review

When you are embarking on a building project, getting the right advice from the start reduces stress, cost and delay.

In our experience, on some projects, designs are finalised before builders are involved and, when the build costs are known, the design needs to be changed to bring the project within budget.  To help avoid the cost and delay of re-design and re-quoting, we offer an Initial Build Review.

If you are planning a renovation and/or extension, with our Initial Build Review you will receive:

  • A detailed review of your concepts or plans and engineering.
  • A one hour on-site consultation with our Registered Builder and Managing Director Jeremy Gates. During the consultation, Jeremy will discuss your ideas and vision for your new home and lifestyle and potential challenges and opportunities.

Within 5 working days of our on-site consultation, we will issue a report which includes our comments and suggestions on your plans; an initial ballpark cost indication; estimated construction timeframes; a list of the documents that are likely to be required with your building permit application; and how we can help move your project forward.

At our standard rates, this review is valued at $550.  But, as an introductory offer to new clients, we are currently offering this review at a discounted rate of $397*.

To provide even more value, if we are appointed to build your renovation/extension, we would be happy to work with your engineers on any potential build cost savings we identify during our Initial Build Review.  We would pass all cost savings we achieve as a result on to you.

Package your Initial Build Review with a Sustainability Review

As part of our commitment to sustainable building, we encourage our clients to explore opportunities for using sustainable materials and improving the energy efficiency of their new home at any early stage in the process.  Improving energy efficiency will not only make your home more cost efficient to run, it will make it more comfortable to live in.

Our Sustainability Review is prepared by an accredited Sustainability Consultant and involves a review and report on the building shell, layout, heating, cooling, hot water, natural air flow/ventilation, water usage, preventative measures to minimise heat build-up in summer and any suggestions for improving the passive running of the house and energy use.

Order both an Initial Build Review and a Sustainability Review for only $697*.

*This is our price for a standard renovation/extension and includes GST.  If you are planning a new home, please contact us for a quote for an Initial Build Review (as the time needed will depend on the size of the new dwelling).