Our new home was built on time and exceeded expectations…Highly recommend!

We have an Edwardian style home in Brighton and a local real estate agent originally recommended Gaia to us. We are so thankful for that initial recommendation as we went on to renovate and extend our home with the Gaia team and so happy with the result!

Jeremy and Sue are a family run business who treated us with so much respect, courtesy and excellent service throughout the whole process. Their professionalism got the project off on the right track and it stayed that way throughout the 11 month build. This is often unheard of in the building industry!

Gaia connected us with architect/designers (Ben & Ben) whom we also loved working with and as a team we were able to design and build our dream home and work together along the way to remain within our budget and our vision.

Jeremy and Sue and their entire team were so lovely to work with and throughout the design and build journey we were so appreciative of the fantastic communication. We understood clearly every step of the build and frequent site meetings meant we knew how the build was progressing and could have any questions answered. They use a great platform called Buildertrend that meant every day we had updates and photos which we loved!

Gaia’s lead builder Alex who worked on our home was very talented, great at managing all the trades and putting us at ease with his calm approach.

Overall our new home was built on time and exceeded expectations (with glowing compliments from the neighbours, friends and family). We absolutely love the final outcome and so happy to be home enjoying our new space with our family!

Highly recommend!

We highly recommend Gaia and the team if you are renovating

Working with Gaia Construction to extensively renovate our 1900’s home in Elwood meant that we had peace of mind right from their initial proposal through to completion.

Gaia worked closely with our architects to ensure that our design was in line with our budget expectations.

The project was finished in line with Gaia’s initial fixed price quote, other than some additions we added on along the way. Further and to everyone’s surprise, the build was completed 2 months ahead of the fixed completion date. This was despite the fact that the build started at the end of 2021 and finished in 2022 during the serious supply issues that resulted from Covid.

Having Sam P, our site manager on site everyday and contactable was amazing, he often went above and beyond to assist us. We chose Gaia as we really believed that Jeremy and Sue would manage our build to ensure a timely and high end finish, which they did. Follow up after completion has been amazing too, always getting back to us really quickly to assist with queries. We highly recommend Gaia and the team if you are renovating.

We would absolutely recommend Gaia Construction because you’re worth it!

We were really glad we entrusted our home renovation to Jeremy and Sue at Gaia Construction. From the moment of our initial contact, we felt confident we have found the right partner to take us forward on this project. The whole process from beginning to end was structured, detailed, professional and honest.

The Gaia Construction team was approachable, accommodating and readily available, as well as responding promptly to any issues or concerns. Workmanship was excellent with attention to detail.

Special mention goes to Sam P, our on-site project manager, who did a sterling job in getting the project on time despite the


challenges of the pandemic, and finding a solution to our tricky new commercial-grade washing machine! Daily updates with accompanying photos and running tally of costs were provided to ensure project was on-budget. We are enjoying our new home confident in the knowledge that the job was done properly and will last for many years to come. We would not hesitate to re-engage or recommend Gaia Construction! And oh, there’s a wonderful surprise at the end of the project if you’re lucky enough to engage them.

Dr W K Lee, Caulfield North

My Gaia experience from start to finish delivered so much more than I had ever expected … each milestone was delivered on time, and more surprisingly on budget. The quality and workmanship was exceptional.

I selected Gaia Construction as my renovation contractor whilst living in the United States. My process was complicated and difficult at times and overall taking almost 6 months. I reviewed individual company projects, financial performance and customer satisfaction. For the best candidates I also had direct communications on several occasions. In the end, the decision was simple and clear.

From the very first step of the design phase, Gaia actively communicated with me. That communication was daily, via their

online tool, and in person, often several times a day. Every decision, issue and change was approved and clearly documented. At the end of each day I received a photographic reference of daily work supported by a documented summary.

In every way, I found the entire Gaia team to be honest, professional and extremely sensitive to my needs. Gaia managed any issues or necessary changes with an eye on my financial limitations. All changes and any discovery was followed with clear communication and solid recommendations.

If I could say one thing about Gaia that should stick with anyone looking to do any renovation work, it’s that the entire Gaia team are scrupulously honest, dedicated and professional in their work and managing the customer relationship. I found plenty of pretenders in the market, they were happy to talk the talk, but lacked the dedication and ownership that Gaia presented me.

Ultimately, my Gaia experience from start to finish delivered so much more than I had ever expected. Despite my project being complicated, and challenging, each milestone was delivered on time, and more surprisingly on budget. The quality and workmanship was exceptional. Oh and the post contract support is just wonderful.

We have and will continue to sing the praises of Gaia Construction, recommending Jeremy, Sue and their team to anyone interested in building their dream home.

We love our house, our new family home. We love everything about it, the old and new integrating seamlessly. The light, functionality and execution of the design have significantly improved our lifestyle. We thoroughly enjoy sharing our family home with family and friends. I catch myself saying how much I love living here on a daily basis.

The overwhelming sense of achievement with our renovation and extension is very much thanks to Gaia Construction – Jeremy, Sue and their team.

From the beginning, we were very impressed with Jeremy’s down to earth approach, enlisting a designer, Jackson, from JFK Designs, to work together to produce a design and build that fitted both our brief and our budget.

Jeremy, Sue and their team have exemplary communication, using technology, the CoConstruct app to give us daily updates and schedules to staying on track. We were always informed and guided with solutions to any problems that came up and the pride of workmanship was evident in not only the finished product but how well run and clean the building site was kept throughout the whole process.

Despite the upheavals of Covid, lockdowns and building supply setbacks, Gaia Construction kept the project running smoothly and on time.

This was our first time building and renovating and we are thrilled with the result, our home is everything we had envisioned it to be. We have and will continue to sing the praises of Gaia Construction, recommending Jeremy, Sue and their team to anyone interested in building their dream home.

Thank you Jeremy and Sue for both an amazing and collaborative building experience.

Gaia Construction has exceeded our expectation… We gladly and readily recommend Gaia to everyone.

Gaia Construction has exceeded our expectation in what has been our first home build and renovations. We enjoyed the project all the way through from the initial proposal through completion. The initial proposal was extremely detailed and developed in close collaboration with the architect.

Gaia helped us greatly improving architectural designs to create more affordable solutions without sacrificing quality or design. Once we signed the building contract, Gaia worked with a software that allowed us to monitor progress and cost day by day in real time. Project management was outstanding with a supervisor / head

carpenter being on site at all times. All workmen on site were friendly, respected the neighbours and by all accounts delivered quality work. We enjoyed Gaia’s focus on creating an energy efficient home with quality craftmanship. Gaia finished the renovation on time and on budget which came as a huge relief. Gaia continued to provide great service post completion, addressing minor queries quickly and efficiently. We gladly and readily recommend Gaia to everyone and especially to people like us who had never been through a renovation before and need a trusted partner.

Building with Gaia Construction was a hassle free experience and I definitely recommend them.

Gaia Construction recently completed a major renovation of a property in Armadale for me and they did a fantastic job.

I chose Gaia Construction to be my builder because they gave me the confidence that they understood what I was after for the renovation and that I would receive a good quality product delivered on time. They committed to a fixed price and completed the works on time by having a full time supervisor/carpenter working exclusively on my project.

They were resourceful, proactive in resolving issues and applied their construction experience to achieve a better design. The work

quality is excellent and the communication throughout the whole process was outstanding. Building with Gaia Construction was a hassle free experience and I definitely recommend them.

We completed a beautiful renovation & extension of our clients’ home at the end of 2019. Listen to their story to hear why they decided to renovate, what they were worried about before they started on their journey, why they chose us, how they enjoyed the building process, and the fantastic impact their new home has had on their lives.

It is such a beautiful home and such a beautiful environment to come home to. It has absolutely fulfilled my dream. Our home was finished on time & on budget – to the day and to the dollar.

The thing I really liked about the building process that I think was surprising was that Jeremy, apart from the fact that he’s the most honest builder I have ever met and the most genuine, which just made things so easy, so upfront and honest about everything along the building path, was the things that Sue and Jeremy laid out in the beginning being on budget unless there were variations that were our choice and also on time to the day, unless there were variations that were our choice. I was actually really surprised after speaking to a lot of people and telling them that and having a lot of people say, “Yeah, we’ll see how that goes,” that in actual fact that was the case – to the day and to the dollar….

about CoConstruct – it didn’t take very long where you’re getting a dozen plus photos every single day…it was the best part of the day…especially the initial phase where it didn’t seem like that much was going on, we were getting updated every single day, and we didn’t feel like we weren’t here even though we weren’t, which obviously helps everybody…

we’ve got friends in the building industry, tradies, a cousin that’s a carpenter, a couple of builders in our friends and family circle, and all of them when they’ve come to the house have commented on the finishes and that things have been finished to a really high standard and quality, which we wouldn’t necessarily know…having people come in that have that background and experience and go, “Oh wow, they’ve done this,” or “They’ve done that,” or “They’ve finished it off this way,” they’ve done a really, really good job just gives that validation…

in terms of what we feel now and what we’ve achieved, it is such a beautiful home and such a beautiful environment to come home to. It has absolutely fulfilled my dream of having that light space that is open and inviting and warm that pays homage to the house that existed here beforehand. It has totally changed the way that we interact as a family…still every day there’s a point where we talk about how much we love this house and how happy we are that we made the decision to go through with it…it’s one of the best decisions we have made for our kids who love it here, for us and our enjoyment here…

I don’t think we expected it to turn out as perfectly as it has in terms of what we wanted. So because of that, we are constantly just reminding ourselves how much we love this place…

So the two elements are – has Gaia done a good job with the construction in terms of what it looks like and how the house is built? and we think that if anyone came in here and had a look through, there’s no question about that. Then the other side of things is what the relationship was like, how the whole process was managed from pre-build to once we were done. I think we feel very lucky that we had Gaia going through the process, that all of the things that could have been difficult and all the stories that you hear and all of the potential issues that you have with the builder, we seem to have skipped all of that. If we were doing it all again, we wouldn’t have any need whatsoever to go anywhere else.”

These are the words they used to describe Gaia Construction – on time, quality, open, understanding, trust, patient.

Our clients’ renovation journey started with draughts blowing their heavy curtains through a closed window and a mushroom growing in their ensuite! Listen to their story to hear how they found us, what it was like to build with us and how they feel now when they walk through their front door.

A very good experience and we’re thrilled with the results. We 100% recommend Gaia Construction.

Why we went with Gaia …the few things that stood out for me was really transparency, especially through the relationship that it’s not only Gaia, you get your builder, but you also get a very strong project manager in Sue. You get the CoConstruct app, which really allowed us to keep track of variations, new photos updates on a daily basis, seeing the schedule…

I think we underestimated when comparing quotes the value of CoConstruct and how that really put our mind at ease throughout the whole process. Knowing that everything’s recorded and that you could see photos… it was a really big plus.

So, a delightful experience. We went from that classic builder statement of on time, on budget, on quality, and we had all of that done ahead of time, so it was a really exciting end result for us…pre-Christmas.

Very good experience, and we’re thrilled with the results. Very high quality, very patient.

Working with a builder and providing a budget, we had some trepidation early on, but we found that it was actually really helpful through the process, because the builder brought us back to earth, in some of the ideas we were having and what the design was first suggested, and it really brought that realistic lens that managed our expectations for what we could do, but also gave us a lot of options through the process before we actually committed to things. So, again, very transparent about what we could and couldn’t achieve for what money we could spend.

We’d absolutely recommend Gaia Construction to others, it was a great process and the result is fantastic

Gaia Construction built a first floor extension on our traditional single storey double brick home in Elwood, Melbourne.

We appointed Gaia Construction over other builders partly because Jeremy put time and effort into working out how best to build our design. His help with the pre-build issues was excellent. In particular, the original engineering for our design would have destroyed our existing downstairs area. We didn’t want to do that. By working with his engineering contacts, Jeremy worked out another way to put the build together without destroying the downstairs or compromising the design. If Jeremy hadn’t solved that problem for us, we may not have gone ahead with the project at all.

Cost-wise, we had a similar quote from another builder but they hadn’t invested nearly as much time in working out the best way to achieve what we were after. Also, we had a good rapport with Jeremy from the outset.

We really enjoyed seeing the transformation of our home, seeing the structure going into place and giving us the opportunity to be involved gave us a lot of confidence in the experience and expertise of the Gaia Construction team. We could see and have confidence that our new home is structurally sound.

Gaia Construction provided high quality work and attention to detail. Their workmanship is excellent. Also, their communication was excellent, they were very approachable & adaptable and it was always clear what their plan was. They were respectful of our neighbours, letting them know what was happening on-site.

We’d absolutely recommend Gaia Construction to others, it was a great process and the result is fantastic.

Stress-Free Building … a Reality!

Most people would agree that building and renovating is a stressful process, even when it’s outsourced to a “professional builder”. But as in all professions/trades, some are better than others and quite often it’s who you choose at the start that will make all the difference to the success of a project. We’re happy to report that our recent renovations to our loved Federation home in Brighton has been a Stress-free, happy and successful experience.

Whilst much of the suburb’s residential history is being demolished for medium density, multi-storeyed contemporary dwellings of mixed architectural value, we decided to both renovate and part-restore our federation brick home and wanted to engage a builder

who not only had an interest in but also a sympathy and passion about older buildings and how best to marry the “old” with the new. Our decision to engage Gaia Construction was the best decision of the entire project.

Gaia Construction was recommended to us by a local architect who we had worked with before. We met with both Jeremy and Sue and were immediately impressed by who they are and whilst there were contractual issues to work through (which was a very uncomplicated process) we felt confident that we were in good hands. The rest is history.

Jeremy & Sue had recently completed a multi-storey project (featured on their website) in the area for which they received an industry award so based on this and other references we knew that Gaia Construction had the technical experience and ability to look after our project. As important to technical ability is the integrity of the people you’re planning to deal with. Jeremy and Sue are deservedly gathering many very positive references from former clients and from the outset we were very comfortable with who we had engaged (I asked one former client during our discussion if he was related to either Jeremy or Sue given the “glowing” references).

White House with green gardenLike most building/renovating projects, many hidden secrets are behind walls and underneath floors of older houses and whilst the initial scope of the project was completed within budget and on time, we then had to decide whether to “keep going” as the new work screamed at what needed to be done to the original home. Being outside the original contract scope these additional works were handled via an “open-book” arrangement which we were totally comfortable with based on Jeremy’s understanding of building and he and Sue’s professional and transparent approach to all work done. Any questions we had were answered immediately and all claims were supported with detailed documentation that Sue was more than happy to meet with us to discuss.

Jeremy actively suggested cost-effective options where appropriate and was pro-active in interpreting architectural drawings.

We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Gaia Construction for your building project. Should we go down this path again Jeremy and Sue will be the first people we’ll call.

Our renovation was delivered on time and on budget and the craftsmanship was great

Gaia Construction recently renovated our home and we have been extremely happy with the result.

We selected Gaia Construction over other builders to do our works because Jeremy told it as it was, took great care in ensuring that he analysed the job properly and went the extra mile in terms of thinking things through and checking unclear details with structural engineers before he even had the job.

Knowing that they understood the job properly meant that they were able to quote accordingly and we had no nasty surprises during the renovation process. Their quote process was thorough,

timely and laid out in the specific way we had requested. Nice to see a builder take note of what we asked for!

The contract stage was stress-free, Jeremy and Sue were easy to deal with and flexible which made it a really good experience. This continued throughout the build, Jeremy was always available to discuss things on the phone or on-site, we had regular on-site meetings and we were kept up to date on everything happening. During the build, as with all renovations, existing structures present unpredictable issues. Gaia Construction’s problem solving was exceptional and they were very good at finding practical and cost effective solutions to the few challenges encountered along the way. Their cost control and billing processes were very transparent, we knew where every dollar went and it could not have been better.

The works were delivered on time and on budget and the craftsmanship was great. We would not hesitate to recommend Gaia Construction to anyone considering having building work done – and we have!

We highly recommend Gaia Construction for your building project

Jeremy Gates was the builder for the renovation of our home. We have no hesitation in recommending him.

The renovation involved gutting a major part of our brick house and replacing the bathroom and kitchen. The quality of Jeremy’s work is excellent. He worked solely on our project and was always available for consultation and progress reports. He project managed the renovation very well, keeping it on track and on time. The tradesmen he employed were good.

We found Jeremy very easy to work with and helpful – nothing seemed to be a bother. We highly recommend him for your building project.


We highly recommend Gaia Construction without reservation

We contracted Gaia Construction Pty Ltd for the renovation of our outdoor tiled areas in 2016. General Manager, Jeremy Gates, was accurate in his initial assessment of the scale and cost of the project and his crew were extremely clean and tidy and took special care to prevent damage to the plants in the work area.

Jeremy, and Business Manager, Sue Davidson, have the ability to both listen and advise in equal measure, co-ordinate all aspects of the project with little fuss and are timely with deadlines.

Sue provided meticulous record keeping and time logs, and was also willing to arrange for additional trades not directly involved in the work. She has been extremely helpful co-ordinating work dates and researching for further projects.

We can highly recommend them without reservation.

I & F Nazario


Jeremy and his staff were a pleasure to work with

Gaia Construction was recommended to us to undertake a relatively small but difficult job that required different trades, skills and good co-ordination. Gaia Construction accomplished these jobs on time and on budget. We found Jeremy Gates to be an enthusiastic, friendly, reliable and confident practitioner who did an outstanding job. He and his staff were a pleasure to work with. We have no hesitation in recommending Gaia Construction for any building work.

J & F MacKenzie


We are beyond thrilled with our renovation

We know we are one of the few happy post renovators who enjoyed the process from start to finish. This is without a doubt due to all the hard work from Jeremy, Sue and their team. We are beyond thrilled with our renovation and we look forward to working with Gaia Construction again.

K & S Baldwin


This was our first project with Gaia Construction and we could not be happier with the end result.

Our renovations were delivered on-time, within budget (even leaving us spare funds available for some much desired enhancements we didn’t think we could afford) and with zero nasty surprises. Jeremy owns his projects. From the smallest of details, to managing unforeseen curve balls, he takes full accountability for every aspect of the job.

Many of the trades I have had at our property since we finished up are all very complimentary of the quality and the finish of the work he oversaw and delivered – very meaningful praise coming from potential competitors!

Jeremy makes every cent spent on the project feel like it came from his own wallet – be that finding alternate cheaper options for materials, design substitution where there is little to no impact, or managing the time various sub-contractors spent on tasks. When we found a builder so conscious of managing our expenses then we knew we were onto a winner.

Jeremy was our sixth quote for the build. He turned up when he said he would – tick. His quote was the only one that was received with a fully itemised task breakdown, complete with pricing and any possible amendments that we may have wanted – tick. His quote gave an indicative starting timeframe around his other work – tick. Oh, and he was nearly half the price of some of the other builders out there claiming “theres no money to be made in these builds any more mate, that’s the lowest anyone will be able to do” – double tick!!

With any previous projects I’ve had done there has always been a slight sense of foreboding in leaving the work unattended for a couple of days due to other commitments, but that’s just not the case with Gaia Construction.

wooden door garageIt’s the sense of calm coming from the methodical approach that Jeremy takes to his work that made our project so stress-free. With the unavoidable pressures of everyday life, kids and work…managing a project is just one of those things that you don’t need weighing on you further, and with Jeremy on-site nearly every day everything ran just like clockwork.

My only single hesitation in providing him a glowing testimonial is the selfish reason that I hope this doesn’t render him too busy to work on the next phase of our home. My advice is to just do yourself a favour and at least have a chat with him. We’re looking forward to stage two of our home revamp and will definitely be working with Gaia again.

S & K Mundy

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