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Our Sustainability Commitment

Gaia (pronounced guy-á) is the Greek goddess of the earth and the name of an environmental theory developed by the English scientist and environmentalist James Lovelock in the 1980s.

We have chosen Gaia as the name of our company to represent our commitment to sustainable building practices and products.  Our goal is to differentiate ourselves from other high quality residential builders in Melbourne, not only by our attention to detail and excellent customer service, but also by providing informed and practical advice on sustainable materials and options for improving energy efficiency.

We’re not only committed to improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of the homes we build, we also focus on reducing our own environmental footprint.

Our key environmental initiatives –

certified passive house tradeperson sustainability

  • Jeremy Gates is a Certified Passive House Tradesperson, a Green Living Builder (accredited through the Master Builders Association) and has successfully completed specialist advanced training in Energy Efficient Building Methods and Strategies.
  • Our supervisors have sustainable building qualifications or are undertaking training.
  • We prefer green accredited subcontractors.
  • We use waste contractors that achieve high levels of waste reuse and recycling.
  • We are members of the Australian Passive House AssociationAlternative Technology Association (now named Renew) and volunteer as experts at the ATA’s Speed Date a Sustainability Expert events.
  • We attend the Master Builders Association’s Green Living Conferences every year to ensure that we are up to date with the latest developments in this fast moving industry.
  • We attend as many other seminars on energy efficiency and sustainable building as we can, including those run by the Australian Passive House Association, the Green Building Institute and Renew.
  • Our home & office has a 7.6 star rating (achieved primarily via extensive insulation and double glazing) and has LED lights throughout, highly energy efficient appliances, recycled timber cladding and incorporates recyclable materials.  Also, it is powered by a solar panel system on the roof (just while the sun provides energy at the moment, batteries will be considered shortly as prices continue to fall).
  • Our office car is a plug-in hybrid and all short trips are fully electric (charged via the solar panels as much as the sun allows).
Men working on a solar panel sustainability Fueling a car sustainability sustainability solar panel