Brighton East, 2017

Renovation, Brighton East

Our renovation project in Brighton East was a leading example of the huge energy efficiency improvements that can be achieved when renovating.

Rather than do the usual knock down & rebuild, our clients decided to renovate their tired 2 storey, 4 bedroom brick veneer 1980’s home, to transform it into a beautiful, comfortable and energy efficient modern home. Focusing first on the design, our clients worked closely with their designer to improve the layout of the home and maximise energy efficiency potential. We were appointed to undertake the renovation works and bring the design to life. Our works involved structural changes to update the internal layout (including removing two structural walls), renovation works throughout the interior of the home and external works.

If the home was to perform to its potential, the insulation, glazing and draught proofing needed to be done exceptionally well. This is where our attention to detail and understanding of & commitment to energy smart building was invaluable. The result – energy use slashed from 36kW a day average to a low 10 kW day average and very happy clients!

You can read the clients’ feedback on us and our work here.

There is more information on the energy efficiency improvements that were made to the home and the results in our client’s renovation case study article – click here.

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