Beaumaris, 2020

Home Renovation, Beaumaris

This much loved home has been in our clients’ family for three generations. Now completely renovated, it has been transformed ready for the next chapter in its story – a beautiful & comfortable home, perfect for a young family with two active kids and Walter the dog.

When our clients came to us, they had two key objectives – to modernise their home and to reduce their budget busting energy costs. Their existing home had more than enough space but the existing floorplan didn’t use it efficiently. So rather than extending the home, all that was needed was a creative review of the floorplan by Gruen Eco Design. By simply moving internal walls, Gruen separated the front room from the kitchen to become a formal lounge room and created a 4th bedroom, a new generously sized pantry & laundry and a separate linen / storage room. You can see this clever thinking in the before & after floorplans below.

Also, with 3 straight forward improvements that we incorporated into the building works the home has been transformed from a 1* (Low Efficiency) home to a 9* (Excellent) home [Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard]. Check out our video explaining how we did it! You can see it here.

You can listen to our clients’ feedback on us and our work here.

Watch the transformation here:

The transformation of the floorplan

See how reconfiguring the floor plan created more useable family spaces & extra rooms without needing to extend:

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