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The #1 Thing To Know Before Designing A New Home

Designing a new home or renovation is an exciting time. There are so many fantastic possibilities, it’s tempting to dive in and get started before you are completely prepared.

To help you get the home of your dreams, there are 7 key things you should know before you embark on this exciting journey. The first is:

Know Your Budget

Before you speak to anybody, you need to know your budget. Know what you can afford and what you would like to spend.

Keep in mind that these two numbers are never the same, so decide on your limit for the design & build of your new home or renovation.

Once you have decided on a budget, you must disclose this amount in the design process so you can avoid creating a design that you cannot afford to build.

A professional will make sure they design you a home that suits your lifestyle and fits your budget. Contrary to popular belief, you will not pay more for a home or renovation just because you disclose a larger budget.

You are not negotiating the price at this stage of the process!

By discussing your budget openly with the designer at the beginning of the project you’ll be able to find out if what you’re after is achievable.

If the size and quality of the home or renovation you are looking to build is not within your budget, a professional designer can make recommendations on where to cut back based on your priorities.

It’s important to establish the fundamentals before the design work commences, otherwise you will find yourself constantly redesigning your home and struggling to hit the target budget.

If you are in the fortunate position of not being restricted by a limited budget, the design brief should focus on lifestyle and quality of finishes.

However, if budget is your #1 priority, capping the overall size of the home or extent of the renovation along with the architectural flare of the designer will be important aspects to take control of early.

The other 6 things you should know before designing a new home are set out in our free guide. Download it now to learn how to save time & money and ensure that you are on track to your perfect home.

The Key Things to Know Before Designing Your New Home

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