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Building and Renovating Sustainably [PODCAST]

Recently our Managing Director Jeremy Gates returned as a guest expert on Frances Cosway’s fantastically popular “My Forever Home Podcast”.  In this episode, Jeremy and Frances discuss all things building and renovating sustainably – from a builder’s and an interior designer’s perspective.

Click below to listen to Jeremy and Frances share the key steps to a successful sustainable and energy efficient renovation or new build.  If you’d like a home that is not only cheaper to run but is also healthier and more comfortable to live in, you can’t afford to miss it.

Tune in to learn –

  • the 5 things that will give you the maximum energy efficiency impact when renovating
  • other people’s mistakes and how to avoid them
  • the value that an expert can add and the best time to involve them
  • how to go about finding and choosing a sustainable builder
  • does building sustainably cost significantly more than standard construction?

Jeremy’s bonus tip for home owners is to look at getting a Residential Efficiency Scorecard assessment. Click here for more information on what a scorecard assessment is and why it’s a great idea to get one.

Frances is an award winning interior designer, author and Forever Home expert.  We highly recommend her My Forever Home Podcast, it’s essential listening for everyone who is looking to create their forever home. Frances’ passion for interior design is infectious and she shares her extensive knowledge and practical tips for creating your perfect home in an engaging and down to earth way.  By focusing on specific aspects of the home in each episode it’s easy to dip in and learn all you need to know to make the many decisions that you need to make on your forever home journey without getting overwhelmed.  Have a listen, it’s brilliant!

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